[Mushroom fried bean sprouts]_bean sprouts _ fried mushrooms _ how to make

Mushrooms and bean sprouts are many common ingredients in the diet. The nutrients that both have are also very rich for the human body, so it is also a good choice to supplement the body nutrition as nutrition products.

Mushroom fried bean sprouts are a common and common practice, and the alternative flavors produced by the two are relatively light, but the taste is suitable for the public and can also supplement body nutrition.

Ingredients: Mushrooms (fresh mushrooms) 375 g mung bean sprouts 250 g Accessories: Seasoning: ginger 7 g soy sauce 15 g sesame oil 2 g pepper 2 g salt 3 g white sugar 4 g starch (pea) 15 g salad oil 20 gEach appropriate amount production method 1.

Wash and slice the ginger, leave one slice, and cut the remaining slices into shredded ginger; mix the starch with water and mix to form the wet starch; wash the roots of the green bean sprouts and drain the water; wash the mushrooms, cut the cross flower on the back of the mushrooms, and put them in the boiling water potAdd ginger slices and cook for 5 minutes. Remove, rinse with water, and wipe dry.


Add 10 grams of oil to the wok, stir-fry fresh mushrooms, add white soy sauce, white sugar, hydrochloride, sesame oil solution, and a small amount of pepper. After cooking for about five minutes, lift up the colander and drain the juice.


Add 10 grams of oil to the pot, add fragrant ginger, stir-fry the green bean sprouts until they are cooked, stir-fry the fresh mushrooms, and the remaining sesame oil, pepper, refined salt, sugar, and wet starch.

Nutritional analysis of mushrooms (fresh mushrooms): Mushrooms can effectively enhance the function of T lymphocytes, thereby improving the body’s immunity against various diseases; a Brazilian study has extracted a substance from mushrooms that has analgesic and sedative effects.The pain effect can replace morphine; animal experiments with mushroom extracts have found obvious antitussive and thinning sputum effects; mushrooms contain crude fibers, semi-crude fibers and lignin that are difficult to digest by the human body, which can maintain intestinal moistureBalance, free radicals absorb the remaining cholesterol and sugars and excrete them, which is very beneficial for preventing constipation, bowel cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. Mushroom contains tyrosinase, which has a significant effect on lowering blood pressure.

Mung bean sprouts: Mung bean sprouts cause a large amount of vitamin C, which can effectively prevent scurvy, remove plasma and tiny deposits in the wall of blood vessels, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, there are rich vitamin B2 in mung bean sprouts, which are very suitable for people with oral ulcers. Secondly, a lot of fiber supplements can prevent constipation and digestive tract cancer.

It is also a low-calorie diet food.