[How to make cold skin cold salad _ how to make cold skin cold soup]

With the gradual extension of summer, some special snacks about summer also gradually appear in front of everyone, such as jelly, cold cake, Liangpi and so on.

Liangpi is a particularly popular snack, especially Shaanxi Liangpi in Shaanxi. It is a delicious dish that every visitor to the region cannot miss.

In general, the method of making Liangpi is also simpler. Let’s learn the steps of making cold Liangpi at home together.

The practice of Liangpi and seasonings In fact, the most important thing about Liangpi is seasoning. Once the seasoning is done, the taste of Liangpi will be delicious. You just need to mix the ready-made Liangpi with the seasoning.

Liangpi conditioning method: 1. Add the spices to a large bowl, heat the oil in the pot, heat until the oil does not smoke, turn off the fire; pour the hot oil into the bowl filled with spices, and let the oil cool to 7 minutes.Remove the spices at a time, add white sesame seeds and stir well; then add a spoonful of spoonful of chili noodles, and keep stirring until the bubbles slowly disappear and let cool.

2. Heat the peanut oil to about 160 degrees, then pour in the mixed spices and pepper noodles; keep it for 4 minutes, turn off the heat and cool to 50%, add sesame, and stir well.

3. Peel the garlic, then mash it into a paste and add cold water to replace it to make garlic juice.

Add hot water to the mustard and stir to form a mustard paste. Then add an appropriate amount of vinegar and let it stand for about 8 hours.

Pour sesame sauce into a bowl, add salt, add soy sauce, stir well, and stir in hot water.

Add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sugar to the brine.

How to prepare Liangpi for cold sauce: Stir ginger, garlic and garlic, cilantro root, salt, sugar, chicken essence, soy sauce, cooking wine, and vinegar together. Keep more vinegar in it.

Oil splash hot pepper: chilli powder with sesame oil and stir with hot oil, then add some sesame oil and stir well.

Cold side dishes: Wash and cut the spinach and chives, boil them in water, beat the eggs with a quiche, cool and cut into filaments, wash the cucumbers and shred them, and remove the soybean sprouts and wash and stir-fry.
The processing of gluten: The gluten left over after washing the surface and steamed in the pot for about 15 minutes will turn into a honeycomb-like shape. It will swell and have a lot of holes.

Remove from heat and shred.

Spread the side dishes, gluten shreds, and the chopped Liangpi rack, sprinkle some green onions, coriander leaves, drizzle the cold sauce, and finally sprinkle the oil and spicy seeds.