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[How to fry water spinach to keep it green?
】 _How to fry_How to fry

In the usual diet, people eat a lot of water spinach. Here we remind everyone that it is very important to learn to clean water spinach correctly. In order to fully clean, you can use dry soaked water spinach, you can also use alkaline water to wash, or useBoil it with hot water so that it can be washed more cleanly. In addition, if you want to fry greenish greens, you need to master the following tips.

How to fry water spinach to keep it green?
Fried condiments often become dark, after all, it is green vegetables, and the discoloration is not beautiful.

If you want to keep the greens fried, the first fire should be large, the second, the pan should be hot, and the third, when cooking, the oil should not be too small, otherwise the fried vegetables will not be delicious, and the dishes will become slightly discolored.Turn off the heat, stir-fry the vegetables with the extra temperature and season, then you can serve on the plate.

Green leafy vegetables are most prone to discoloration because they are rich in chlorophyll.

Adjust the cooking time during frying, fry quickly, fry quickly after boiling, then cool, and fry well to keep green.

In addition, do not cover the pot with fried green vegetables, as the organic acids in the vegetables will not be volatile and will accelerate the decomposition of chlorophyll.

At the same time, do not add sour food such as vinegar as ingredients.

How do you keep convolvulus?

Water spinach is delicious and nutritious. It is rich in nutrients, but the loss of water and other nutrient elements is also very fast. So how to save water spinach to slow down the loss of nutrients?

If you want to preserve the spinach, do not rush to remove the roots first, but keep the roots, then put them in a clean, dry, sealed container, or put them in a fresh-keeping bag, package, put in a refrigerator or other dry, cool, avoidIn direct sunlight.

Because the water spinach is not durable, if it is placed on the top, it is easy to be damp and deteriorate, which will affect the taste. Therefore, it should be sealed and placed in a refrigerator or other dry, ventilated, cool place, and avoid direct sunlight.

Is a water spinach a hair product?

In fact, water spinach is not a so-called hair product. It refers to foods that are particularly susceptible to certain diseases (especially old diseases and chronic diseases) or exacerbate already diseased.

Hair taboo is of great significance in both diet health and diet therapy.

Under normal circumstances, hair is also food, and moderate consumption will not cause any substitution or cause substitution for most people, but only for some special constitutions and certain diseases related to it.