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Braised pork is a very common time. In our daily life, many people like to eat braised pork very much. To make braised pork usually requires pork belly. After eating braised pork in the mouth, the meat is sweet and sweet.It is relatively soft, melts at the entrance, and it is not fat at all. In fact, the preparation of braised pork is also very simple. The method of roasting pork with sugar is introduced below.

The practice of sugar roasted meat is a material pork belly, old soy sauce, star anise, ginger, pepper, sesame oil, rock sugar, garlic, salt Step 1. Prepare the material, wash pork belly, cut into pieces of mahjong;Sesame oil, sauteed ginger slices, garlic and star anise; 3, pour pork belly and stir-fry until slightly burnt on both sides, add cooking wine or white wine, soy sauce, rock sugar; 4, transfer to a casserole and add boiling water for an hour.Try to evenly color and avoid sticky pig skin.

Sprinkle some pepper and salt before serving.

5. Spread it out and set it up, your appetite will be better.

Practice II 1.

Cut the skinned pork belly into square pieces, scallions and ginger into large pieces.


Heat the oil in the pot, stir-fry with white sugar, add meat when it becomes sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, season with soy sauce, refined salt, white sugar, shallot slices, ginger slices, star anise, fragrant leaves, and change to low heat1.

Serve in 5 hours.

Practice III 1.

Wash the pork belly and cut into small dices; 2. Put a small spoon of oil in the pot and cook until it is slightly hot, stir in the rock sugar until the rock sugar is completely melted; 3.

Pour the diced pork into the stir-fry so that it is evenly wrapped with syrup; 4.

4. Add the right amount of boiled water, add the old soy sauce and burn the seasoning bag; 5.

Cover the pot and simmer for about 40 minutes until the juice is dry.

The benefits of eating braised pork. Appetizing and healthy food. Braised pork contains many unfortunate ingredients. We all know that aunt and its decomposition products have a strong flavor, and braised pork has excellent taste through cooking.The effect is suitable for a few appetizers before eating.

Regulate the body balance Braised pork belongs to meat, contains a lot of fatty acids and proteins, and its final product is an acidic substance after eating. Nutritionally, braised pork is an acidic food. It can be used to adjust the acid-base balance in the body, and the potassium and sodium of braised porkThe content is also very high, and it also has a strong regulating effect on the electrolyte balance in the body.

The raw material for improving anemia braised pork is pork belly, which contains a lot of heme in the meat, including a high concentration of organic iron. At the same time, this meat also contains a certain amount of cysteine. This amino acid can promote iron in the body.As a result, consumption of braised pork can improve anemia.

Beauty and beauty braised pork contains a large number of vitamins, such as vitamin B6, vitamin A, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin E and so on.

Vitamins are essential for human health, especially for young girls. Absorbing an appropriate amount of vitamins helps to maintain beauty.