“Playing” together as the child grows up

Other “definitions” of the “past tense” seem to be more convincing: Tsinghua University’s top ten graduate students, the captain of the Tsinghua baseball team, the director of the sports department of the Graduate Union, the main player of the Tsinghua International Standard Dance Team . It is obvious that Chen Xuejun is TsinghuaExcellent university students are also those who love to play and can play.
The boy who “played” from Tsinghua University in the northeast countryside was going to follow this “routine” to let his son “play” the adult.
  Chen Xuejun is the marketing director of Tsinghua Ziguang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  陈学军的“玩”计划   玩出开朗性格   儿子不到2岁,去的地方可不少,“阅人”也无数:老爸、老妈的同学、同事聚会,他统统出席;买家具、采摘、划船. he can’t be less.
So the little guy never seemed to have experienced any recognition period and greeted everyone cheerfully.
He in the photo, whoever held it, grinned and smiled happily.
The little grandma’s grandmother is a doctor, and she is more taboo about others hugging her grandson.
But dad doesn’t care about this, every time he takes his son out, whoever hugs him.
My son is most looking forward to playing hide-and-seek games with himself after my dad returns home.
Because my mother and grandmother didn’t have the patience, I was tired of playing a few times.
  Dad’s words: Cheerful character is a kind of wealth. As long as we have a chance, we will take our son out to play and meet people from all kinds of occasions.
I go home to play with my child after work. How happy he is to play.
I hope that children love to play and they can play.
Many of my classmates are great at school, but they always close themselves, resulting in poor social adaptability, and they have to take a lot of detours after entering society.
I hope my son will have a cheerful personality by playing his favorite games and sports.
Extroverted people are more likely to integrate into different environments and have more opportunities.
I love to play baseball. Actually, the meaning of “playing” is more than the meaning of “sports”. It can make people happy, and it can make people cheerful.
I plan to have my son start playing baseball at the age of four or five.
I have prepared him a bat and gloves.
  Off-site picture: A child who grew up in the countryside was admitted to Tsinghua University, one of China’s top universities.
Thin and small, he looked silly at the registration form of the special class: What is baseball?
What is the national standard dance?
  However, unlike many children from rural areas, he slipped away because he was afraid of jokes. Instead, he started from the simplest long-distance race and slowly integrated it into the school and a brand-new environment.
A few years later, he became a hit on Tsinghua campus.
On the playground, on the dance floor, the student union can see his tall and healthy figure everywhere.
  Playing with pioneering thinking My son carefully thought about the “snap” that his mother just bought.
He decided not to put the wooden rings of various colors on the wooden stick in the middle according to his mother’s instructions, but to remove the wooden rings and hold the wooden stick as a baseball bat and waved.
The mother yelled angrily, but the dad laughed beside him, encouraging his son to play according to his own ideas.
  The little boy followed his dad to “return hometowns” last year, but he played “crazy” under the guidance and indulgence of his dad: he discerned butterflies and dragonflies, touched the head of a big cock, and put wild flowers and weeds in his mouth to taste .The little guy started working on the TV remote.
After biting, gnawing, pressing, smashing, and falling, I can only change a new one.
Dad carefully repaired the broken one with adhesive tape, and used it for his son’s “project research”.
  Dad’s words: “Play” without thinking 殆 I love to play, and I especially like to play cards.
I plan to let my son learn to play cards when he is 10 years old.
Bridge or even learn to “upgrade”.
Don’t think that playing cards is a negative game. In fact, there are a lot of truths in the cards to ponder.
For example, the opponent’s habit of playing cards, the judgment of the form of the game, and the overthrow of his own fixed thinking mode.
Playing can open your mind.
As long as you use your mind, playing is the best learning, and learning can also become playing.A relative’s child came to my house a while ago, and her mother said she was bad at math.

When we went out, I raced with her and played the “24 points” game with the license plate number I saw (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing several numbers at random, and finally got the result of 24). She was interested again and improved the calculationability.

  Off-site picture: The people in the village are very strange. How can this hard-working, play-loving boy silently be admitted to a key university?

In fact, this child just likes to think while playing: what is the typicality of the math problem just done?

Where is the other problem and the “bend” of this problem . For him, mathematics is just a game.

  Every project of Ziguang Real Estate will be “a great victory”.

“Marketing has no secret” is what the director often said in interviews with industry media.

His more thoughts will be placed on the judgment and positioning of the project in the early stage.

As long as the positioning is accurate, subsequent sales will come naturally.

  Playing a happy life The development of the son’s ability in playing can sometimes make the mother rejoice and want to further guide her son to learn something.

At this time, Dad would rationally advise: “This is just a child playing.

Do you have to make play into learning?

“The little guy is very lucky, because Dad promises that he will never be sent to an interest class he doesn’t like, but he will take his son to” play “chess and” play “Go . he definitely encourages the child to be in the yardI ran madly with the children, because in this way I can learn to interact and my childhood is happier.

  Dad’s message: Happiness is the biggest motivation. My other siblings still stay in the countryside to be farmers, and only I went to college.

My mother never forced us to study and then left the countryside.

She just told us that as long as she did what she liked, she would give her full support.

I keep this idea in my heart.

If you take your career as your favorite game, you will be “played” with ease and motivation.

I also hope that the child’s growth should not be completed in persecution, but that “consciousness” should be planted in his heart.

How consciousness comes is played out, because play will interest children.

  Off-site picture: An excellent postgraduate in the Department of Water Resources of Tsinghua University that year, took the second place in the civil service recruitment of the Ministry of Water Resources and was successfully admitted.

Prospects are boundless.

But the young man left a month later despite the painstaking advice of the Human Resources Department.

The reason is that this mechanism of state organs, this loneliness, he finds it unpleasant and cannot reflect his own value.

  The employees of the director know that leaders do not require them to commute to work a little bit, nor do they require them to sit upright every day.

Just ask them to make sure this is their favorite job.

They can really appreciate that only when they experience the joy of work can they be energetic and do their projects efficiently.

  We all know after editing that it is important for children to play.

But when should the children really play with fun, without having to attach too many “Articles”; when should they be inspired to learn to play flexibly and have the ability to learn from each other during play;
… These are the real learning to play with children.

  Chen Xuejun’s father’s career has just begun, and we look forward to the “cultivation” plan he has scheduled for his son, as exciting as his “playing” experience in Tsinghua.