Women need to be careful to get into skin care misunderstanding

Lead: Dear MM, do you usually do skin care work?

Are you confident that your maintenance work is correct?

Do you have your own skin care misunderstanding that may cause serious skin problems?

Take a look at the five points below, and check for yourself.

  Mistake area one: Excessive or too long use of non-woven fabrics and tear-type facial masks Although applying a facial mask is a good method for skin care, some masks are used instead of the damage caused by the replacement.

For example, those peel-off masks that remove pores and dirt will have a certain degree of damage to the stratum corneum when peeled off. In severe cases, it will cause skin scaling, so basically you can only use it at most once or twice.

If a non-woven mask is applied for too long, it will cause back absorption of the skin after the mask is dried, so that the nutrients that will not be easily absorbed will “run” out of the skin, resulting in dry skin, stains, etc.The manifestation of the problem.

  Misunderstanding 2: Sharing skincare products with family members. Some MMs may feel that sharing skincare products between mothers and daughters or between sisters is not a problem, but it is more intimate.

In fact, this is very wrong.

Although the skin texture of each family member will be relatively similar, the state of the skin will definitely be different due to different ages and living habits.

For example, the makeup water used by mothers is more nutritious, and if adolescent daughters use it, they can easily cause acne.

Therefore, the skin care for the whole family must be clearly separated and used in order to achieve professionalism.

  Misunderstanding 3: The face wash is applied directly on one layer, and the foam is rubbed out while washing the face. Some people are eager for convenience or in a hurry, often apply the face wash directly to the face, and then rub the foam out of the package.

In fact, foam-type facial cleanser must be fully air-bubbled before it can be applied to the shells, so as not to damage the skin horny.

If the facial cleanser is not fully foamed and rubbed on the face, it will damage the cuticle of the skin, and the skin will become more fragile and sensitive.

  Misunderstanding 4: I think it ‘s better for the skin without any maintenance. Some MMs are quite confident in their own skin, and think that maintaining nature is the best.

But you have to know that now our skin is faced with a lot of critical and intense ultraviolet rays in the air, dryness caused by cold air, etc., in order to improve the skin’s ability to resist the harsh environment and give it moisture and protection in a timely manner.Is very necessary.

So even the MM with the best skin still needs to do some basic moisturizing care, otherwise even the proud skin will tell you bye bye.

  Misunderstanding 5: I often ignore small local inspections to check the way I put on lotion and cream. Is it everything?

Have you overlooked some subtle parts.

Look under the eyes, is it drier around the corners of the mouth?

These dryness prove that you have not taken good care of them in your usual maintenance.

Therefore, we must be careful when doing moisturizing care, and pay more attention to the small parts, because the skin problems of shells are mostly from the most subtle places.