Health in the late autumn, give yourself a health prescription

In the late autumn, the temperature plummeted, the autumn wind was bleak, and everything was dying.

Chinese medicine believes that deep autumn health can not only prevent various diseases, but also fully prepare for the arrival of winter, and improve the body’s ability to adapt.


hzh {display: none; }  给10月份开个养生处方  此时节应以淡补为原则,并且要补血气以养胃.

Conduct targeted dietary interventions, strictly limit salt intake, daily salt intake does not exceed 6 grams, it is best to eat low sodium salt, while also limiting the substitution of micro-foods, eat more fiberFood and vegetables.

  Maintain proper weight, especially for obese patients, and change bad lifestyles: quit smoking, limit alcohol, maintain a good mental state, stabilize your mood, and develop your own hobbies.

You can cultivate your sentiments by listening to music, learning painting and calligraphy, etc. Planting flowers and pets can also give people a good attitude and relieve tension.

  Vegetables that should be eaten in October: greens, cabbage, spinach, celery, white radish, green radish, carrots, clams, clams, cauliflower, chrysanthemum, lettuce, pumpkin, etc.

  Vegetables that should be eaten less in October: Eat less spicy products, such as peppers, ginger, onions, garlic, because of too much spicy food should hurt the human body.

  Deep autumn health care body practical skills 1, hot foam feet drive cold brain cold after the cold, the weather is getting cold, and even the high temperature plummet, cold wave is coming, the most likely to cause chronic bronchitis, emphysema, wind and cold dampness, joint pain.
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also particularly prone to attack or aggravation during this period.

Therefore, in this solar terms, in addition to the need to prevent dryness and evil damage, we must also prevent cold and hurt people.

At this time, the health of the foot is especially important. When the cold dew is over, the foot should be kept warm.

  The health experts at Qingyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said that the human foot is farthest from the heart and directly touches the ground. Therefore, the heat is faster and is most vulnerable to cold evil.

Especially for many people with weak constitution, the feet are often cold. This is because the blood is coming out from the heart to the slowing down of the foot, so there is a saying that “the cold starts from the feet”.

  ”Hot water wash your feet, win the tonic.

The easiest and most practical way to warm your feet is to soak your feet.

Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the foot three yin, the beginning and ending point of the foot Sanyang, and the relationship between all the organs and meridians of the whole body. With hot water soaking feet, you can adjust the function of the organs, dispel the cold, warm the whole body; promote blood circulation around the body.In time to eliminate the role of fatigue.

Washing your feet with hot water after exercise in the morning can strengthen your body; use hot water to soothe your feet before going to bed at night to improve your sleep, which helps to improve your sleep quality.

Therefore, hot water soaking feet have always been the way of health care advocated by Chinese medicine.

  The specific method is to first prepare a half basin of hot water with a washbasin, prepare a hot water bottle next to it, soak the feet into the basin, the water temperature should be higher, but it must be endured, so as not to burn.

It is best to take more than 20 minutes each time. When the water temperature is low, pour some hot water from the hot water bottle to keep the water temperature hot.

The temperature of the foot bath water should be controlled at about 42 ° C, and the amount of water should be better than the foot pedal.

  The foot bath time should not be too long, about 30 minutes is appropriate, adding hot water 2?
4 times.

In the process of soaking the feet, the human blood circulation is accelerated, and the heart rate is accelerated. If the time is too long, the heart burden is easily increased.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention to the elderly. If you have chest tightness and dizziness, you should temporarily stop soaking your feet and rest in bed immediately.

You can soak your feet 1 hour after dinner.

Because most of the blood in the body after the meal flows to the digestive tract, if you immediately use hot water to soak your feet, it will affect digestion and absorption for a long time.

  Tip 2, foot protection: the arrival of warm and anti-foot cramps and cold dew, indicating the arrival of a wide range of snowfall and cold weather.

In the South, careful citizens will find that this kind of deep cramps often occurs in the autumn season. Chinese medicine experts say that this may be a symptom of foot disease, and the feet feel uncomfortable, which may be a sign of disease.

According to a survey conducted by the Chinese Medical Association’s Dermatology and Sexology Branch, one out of every two people suffers from foot disease each year, and the proportion of adults is as high as 75%.

On the issue of foot disease, Qingyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine health experts and related health websites reminded the public to pay attention to autumn foot protection.

  Feet hurt.

When walking, fracture or stepping on, the thumb joints and the soles of the feet are painful, but there is no redness, which may be damage to the plantar muscles.

You can use hot water to soak your feet every night; while the soles hurt, the third or fourth toes also have pain, which may be the reason for wearing high heels for a long time.

It is recommended that ladies who wear high heels should choose wide-headed, thick-soled shoes and wear flat shoes. If there is no reason for pain in the soles of the feet, and there are thirst, frequent urination, easy to be hungry, weight loss and other symptoms, it may be affected.There is diabetes on it.

  The toenails are heavy and yellow.
This condition is usually caused by a mold infection, and people are unaware, but the infection quickly spreads to the entire toenail, causing it to smell unpleasant and darken.
Experts advise that if the nail is crisp, it is an athlete’s foot infection, but if the nail is only thick, it may be toe damage.

  Two feet of hemp.

Healthy people’s hands and feet are numb, mostly because their feet are in a certain posture. This symptom will disappear by itself, but if it is replaced by duration, or repeated repeatedly, when it is light and heavy, it may be pathological numbness caused by disease, such as blood clots.Sexual vasculitis, etc., should be recognized.

  The foot is swollen.

In addition to the general long-term standing, the foot swelling caused by sedentary or squatting, this phenomenon occurs in women during menstruation and edema during pregnancy.

However, if the two feet are swollen for unknown reasons, it may be a signal of heart disease, endocrine and other diseases.

  Feet cramps.

Always cramps when sleeping, should increase the intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium.

When the foot cramps, you can massage the painful area or apply cold.

To avoid cramps, stretch your feet before going to bed and drink a cup of hot milk.

But sometimes it may be that the weather turns cold in the evening after the fall, the citizens kick the quilt, let some parts of the foot get cold, and suddenly the overturning action is excessive, it may also cause cramps in the cold feet. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the warmth of the feet.

  Obviously, the moxibustion of Zusanli and Yongquan acupoints often brings benefits to the cold protection of the lower limbs and even the whole body.

  Tip 3, protect the lungs: make full use of saliva. After the cold dew, the autumn season has to pay attention to anti-dryness, so that the lungs are prosperous and not invaded by external evils. This is the basic method of non-pharmaceutical health in autumn.

As a result, health experts at Qingyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital have provided a variety of simple methods to the public.

  Up and down movements Every morning and before going to sleep, like chewing gum (Zhang Dakou) for up and down movement 100 times.

Then shut up, the tongue hit the gongs and mouths 100 times, so that the body fluid is full, slowly swallowed, repeated 36 times.

  Pressing the pulp hole at the pulp hole in the concave cavity of the lip, pressing the index finger hard, can feel the secretion in the mouth.

If a diabetic patient wants to drink water, he presses it more than 10 times, and the thirst disappears immediately, without having to drink water repeatedly.

This kind of secretion can prevent autumn dryness, and it also contains gonadotropin which can delay aging, and can make the old man ruddy.

  Knockdown of the lungs and the large intestines, because of the autumn dryness, the peristalsis of the large intestines slows down, resulting in displacement constipation.

Experts suggest using this method to try, the top of the eye at the top of the bone is the intersection of the meridian and meridians. As long as the eyelids are regularly stimulated or around the humerus, the bowel function can be restored to normal.

  What kind of tea should I drink in autumn?


hzh {display: none; }  秋季干舌燥求助乌龙   乌龙茶属半发酵茶,介于绿、红茶之间,色泽青褐,因此又得名“青茶”。In terms of taste, oolong tea has both the scent of green tea and the natural floral fragrance, and the mellow taste of black tea. It is not cold or hot, and moderate in warmth. Therefore, it has emollient, throat, and fluid, and removes the heat accumulated in the body.Adapt to changes in the natural environment.

In the winter, the indoor air is dry, people are prone to dry mouth and chapped lips. At this time, a cup of oolong tea can be used to relieve dryness and distress.

In addition, oolong tea has a better decomposition of protein and light, which can prevent slight accumulation of liver.

  Autumn depression does not hinder the flower tea flower tea, including jasmine tea, magnolia tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea, rose tea, etc., using green tea as a tea slab to add different fragrant flowers and smoked.

First of all, the flower tea can raise liver and gall, strengthen the limbs and clear the meridians.

Taking jasmine tea as an example, it can clear away heat and relieve spleen and calm the nerves, and has a good effect on treating ulcer disease and preventing stomach pain.

Honeysuckle tea can clear away heat and detoxify, refreshing thirst, retinal sclerosing and so on, and has a great effect on preventing influenza.

Especially women are prone to depression and irritability before and after menopause and menstruation, may wish to use the method of drinking tea to eliminate depression.

  Looking for green tea in the autumn to help the winter climate dry, plus some people like to eat greasy, spicy food, the fire has become a lot of people’s health problems, while bringing constipation, dry mouth and even tongue sores and other consequences, thisYou can turn to green tea at the time.

Green tea is unfermented tea, cold, heat, the most can go to the fire, thirst, digestion and phlegm, mild healing of mild gastric ulcer, and can reduce blood fat and prevent hardening of the arteries.

Therefore, it is easy to get angry, people who usually love to smoke and drink, and those who are fatter are more suitable for green tea, while those with cold stomach should not take green tea.

  Autumn anti-flu drinking black tea winter tea with black tea as the top grade.

Black tea is warm and can raise human body yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which can heat and warm the abdomen, enhance the body’s ability to resist cold, and help digestion and greasy.

  Studies have found that black tea can reduce the incidence of stroke and high blood pressure, and stroke and heart disease are high-risk diseases in winter, so elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often have a cup of warm black tea in the winter, not only can warm the body, but alsoCan prevent the role of disease prevention.

In addition, the common black tea mouthwash or direct addition also has the effect of preventing influenza.
Drinking black tea has a unique effect on preventing osteoporosis and reducing the incidence of skin cancer.
  Early autumn, mid-autumn, late autumn tonic food early autumn: lentils and wet, autumn 藕 tonic autumn, to properly reduce the cold drink and cold food supplement, as the saying goes, “autumn melon bad belly”, for all kinds of melons should eat less, in caseDamage to the spleen and stomach yang.

In the early autumn season, lentils, cowpeas, coix seed and other spleen and dampness products should be added to eat porridge to help digestion of the spleen and stomach.

As the saying goes, “Autumn is the most complementary”, even the glutinous rice is poured into the eyes of steamed food.

  Zhongqiu: Bananas moisturize, apples supplement acid and mid-autumn, accompanied by natural dryness and chlorosis, the human body often reflects the signs of “dry dryness”.

Such as dry nose and throat, dry skin, constipation and so on.

To carry out, it should be adjusted from the diet, pay attention to prevent autumn dryness.

First, eat more foods that can nourish yin and moisten, such as sesame, walnut, honey, pear, sugar cane, persimmon, banana, alfalfa, olive, lily, white fungus, radish, clam meat, black-bone chicken, duck egg, soy milk, dairyEtc. Second, it is advisable to eat foods with sour taste, such as grapes, pomegranates, apples, mangoes, carambolas, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, hawthorn, etc.

In addition, you should eat less spicy food.

In particular, it is recommended to eat porridge in the fall. It is best to cook the above-mentioned moisturizing products with the previous rice or glutinous rice, which can not only supplement the nutrition but also remove the dryness.

  Late autumn: red dates to avoid cold, brown sugar to raise people in late autumn, the temperature gradually declines, while strengthening nutrition to increase food conversion, we must pay attention to foods that eat less cold and cold, and avoid cold.

It can be used in simmering, red dates or peanut kernels with brown sugar stew, or sautéed beef stew.

  Deep autumn health points are ready for winter. Late autumn, then “freezing” and “autumn freezing” is a traditional health care method that has been popular for a long time.

But pay attention to the timing and the individual.

  In the early autumn, there is still a summer “fire”, the heat has not disappeared, the temperature is still high, and even the “autumn tiger” raging, it is considered as “freezing”, no need to rush to add clothes.

At this time, not only can we not talk about “autumn freezing”, but there is no need to “freeze”.

If you say “frozen”, you can only mean to pay attention to cooling, in order to eliminate the summer heat remaining in the summer, do not let the body too hot.

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the temperature began to decline gradually. Although it was cool, it was not very cold. The autumn was very cool and the scenery was pleasant. It was a good time for “autumn freezing”, especially for young and middle-aged, and the dressing should be controlled.Thick, it will cause the body to sweat out, hurt the yin and consume gas, contrary to the fall Yin essence, the yang yang admittance law, should consciously let the body “freeze frozen” to adapt to the summer cold weatherChange, and with a variety of physical exercise, lay the foundation for wintering.

  In the late autumn, climate change has intensified, and the temperature difference between morning and evening has increased. The so-called “an autumn rain is cold.”

Especially when the autumn and winter are handed over, there is often a strong cold air attack and a sharp drop.

Children are in the stage of growth and development, the central nervous system is not perfect, the body temperature regulation ability is poor, encounter cold stimulation, if you do not pay attention to protection, the body will soon have some adverse reactions.

The elderly are weak, the yin and yang are weak, the body’s resistance is reduced, and the ability to keep out the cold is weakened. After the cold, they are often unable to protect themselves as effectively as young adults.

Therefore, if children and the elderly continue to insist on “autumn freezing” at this time, it will be counterproductive and cause health damage.

  In addition, after the cold autumn stimulation in the late autumn season, it is easy to cause chronic bronchitis, bronchial disease, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer patients with old disease recurrence, and even coronary heart disease patients with angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, hypertension patients with stroke.

Therefore, people with these diseases can not only “freeze”, but should add clothes in time, pay attention to keep warm, especially strengthen the cold protection of the abdomen, back and feet.

At this time, the appropriate “Autumn Festival” will have a great expectation for health.

  1, early morning and early autumn, the climate has been a bit cold, early morning air refreshing, health should sleep early and get up early, so that the mood can be quiet and quiet, the spirit is convergent, to avoid lung damage caused by dryness, to maintain the lungs refreshing function。
Moreover, proper exercise in the cool morning air can improve the body’s ability to resist cold, and of course the amount of exercise should not be too large to avoid sweating and cold.

  2, appropriate autumn and autumn deep autumn and night temperature difference penetration, morning and evening temperatures are reduced, healthy people can not add thick clothes, should wear a thin coat, a little cold, the folks have “spring and autumn frozen” is this.

Chinese medicine believes that proper “freezing” in late autumn is conducive to enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to climate change.

  3, Yang Xin Ning Zhi deep autumn scene withered and chill, easy to cause sadness and depression.

Therefore, in late autumn health care should pay special attention to keep the mood quiet.

When the autumn is high, you may wish to bring your friends and relatives out to travel, to look up, to cultivate sentiment and improve health.

In addition, if the depression in autumn is more serious, or if there are symptoms of autumn depression, you should consult a psychologist as soon as possible to seek psychological treatment.

  4, blending diet late autumn climate is getting more and more dry, therefore, deep autumn health diet should be clean, avoid ginger, raw onions, raw garlic, pepper, pepper, mustard and other spicy dry products and smoked, fatty food,Eat more foods such as sesame seeds, walnuts, honey, pears, sugar cane, persimmons, bananas, alfalfa, olives, lilies, white fungus, radishes, clam meat, black-bone chicken, duck eggs, soy milk, dairy products, etc.

Among them, sugar cane and pear can clear the lungs and moisten the dryness, but it is not suitable for people who suffer from cold pear, sugar cane, cold stomach and abdominal pain.