Traditional Chinese medicine experts teach you how to take traditional Chinese medicine

Guide: Traditional Chinese medicine has been deeply rooted in people’s lives. More and more people will choose to see Chinese medicine, eat Chinese medicine, and cook Chinese medicine at home.

So how to properly decoction Chinese medicine in order to exert the maximum effect?

Seeing Chinese medicine, drinking Chinese medicine, decoction and taking of Chinese medicine have a great impact on the efficacy. If the method of taking and decoction is not correct, the traditional Chinese medicine used often does not achieve the treatment effect it deserves, or the effect is greatly discounted.
See how Chinese medicine experts teach you how to fry Chinese medicine: medicinal materials rinse Most Chinese medicinal materials have dust and debris, so you should quickly rinse them with water before cooking to remove dust and debris.

If there are flowers, leaves, fruits and meat medicinal materials in the medicinal materials, they need to be washed.

As an alternative to frying containers, casseroles and casseroles are used to cook traditional Chinese medicine. Secondly, white enamelware or stainless steel pots can also be used. Iron, copper, lead and other metal containers should not be used.

You can soak the herbs for 20?
30 minutes, in order to facilitate the effective dissolution of the medicinal materials, and can change the cooking time, and the main medicinal materials of seeds and fruits can be soaked for a longer time; when the summer temperature is high, the soaking time should not be too long, so as not to spoil and deteriorate.

The amount of water used for frying is generally added to the surface of the medicinal material when it is cooked. 2?
3 centimeters is suitable. How to add water to Shouwu, Baizhi, etc. for a part of the hard part, a small amount of loose medicinal materials such as dandelion, and the amount of water added to the fragrant incense need only be filled with myrrh.

The sequence of frying and cooking. Under normal circumstances, Chinese medicinal materials can be fried at the same time, but sometimes special treatment is required.

Medicinal materials labeled “first fried” such as magnets, oysters and other mineral medicines, shellfish, should be fried in the pot for about 30 minutes, and then fried with other drugs; drugs labeled “later” should be used in other drugsIt takes about a few minutes to boil, and it only takes a few minutes to boil; the herbs marked “Fried” need to be wrapped in gauze and then cooked.

Decoction fire power and time Generally, the medicine is boiled with a high fire before boiling, and after boiling, the medicine is kept slightly boiling with a low fire.

If it is a perspiration medicine such as ephedra, cinnamon sticks, etc. and aromatic medicines such as xiangxiang, pelan, etc., generally use a high fire to boil, and then use a low fire to maintain a slight boiling state 10?
15 minutes.

If it is a bone-horn medicine such as keel, shellfish such as oysters and tonic medicine ginseng, atractylodes, etc., it is generally fried for a long time.

Take the decoction before meals or 1 hour after meals, so as not to affect the digestion and absorption of medicines and food, and the effectiveness of the medicine.

The fried Chinese medicine decoction should generally be served warm, but if it is cold, it should be taken hot, and it should be taken cold when it is cold.

Taking tips To avoid waste, a dose of Chinese medicine decoction is recommended 2?
Take 3 times, 3 times a day.

If nausea, vomiting and other symptoms should be taken in small quantities, it can reduce the irritation of the stomach and prevent vomiting.

Take the method If the ginseng in the prescription is properly cooked separately, and then taken together to avoid waste; colloid-containing medicinal materials such as gelatin and boiled with water, and then mixed with other medicinal juices; such asFor those marked with “Chongfu” in the square, you can use the fried medicinal solution or boiling water.