Teach you how to feed your baby with a bottle

[Introduction]Feeding your baby with a feeding bottle requires mastering the correct method. Before feeding your baby with a feeding bottle, you must wash your hands and take out the sterilized feeding bottle and pacifier. Be careful not to place the pacifier at will.nipple.

  Pour the adjusted milk into the bottle and tighten the cap.

Tilt the bottle, drop a few drops of milk on the back of your hand, try the temperature, and feel hot.

It is advisable not to rush or slow down the milk for ten years.

  Choose a comfortable sitting position, hold the baby in your arms with one hand, let your baby’s upper body lean against your elbow, your arms support your baby’s shoulders, and your baby’s whole body will tilt about 45 degrees; the other hand will hold the baby bottle, Touch the baby’s lips with a pacifier, the baby will open his mouth and hold it, and start sucking.

  After the baby starts to feed, pay attention to the tilt angle of the feeding bottle, so that the milk fills the entire pacifier and prevents the baby from inhaling too much air.

If the pacifier is sucked by the baby, you can slowly take out the pacifier and let the air enter the bottle, and the pacifier can be restored to its original state. Otherwise, you can unscrew the pacifier cover, put it in the air, and then close it.

  Pay attention to the sucking situation of the baby. If you swallow too fast, the nipple hole may be too large. If you suck the milk for half a day and the amount of milk does not decrease much, it may be that the nipple hole is too small, and the baby sucks milk.

Don’t put the baby who is still sitting on the bed, let him lie alone to feed with the bottle, and the adult leaves for a long time, this is very dangerous, the baby may choke and even cause choking.

  After feeding your baby, you can’t lay your baby down immediately. You should first pick up your baby correctly, lean on your shoulders, pat your baby’s back, let him take a nap, and let out the air in your stomach, so that your baby will spit milk.